Fireworks Rules and Regulations

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Bozeman’s Municipal Code Sec. 18.05.040 clearly defines when fireworks are legal in city limits. It is illegal to use fireworks outside of these rules.

When: Fireworks are legal in Bozeman city limits for only two holidays a year. Please note that fireworks aren't legal all day long! 

Fireworks are allowed from:  

  1. Between 12:00 p.m. July 3 and 12:00 a.m. July 4
  2. Between 12:00 p.m. July 4 and 1:00 a.m. July 5
  3. Between 12:00 p.m. July 5 and 12:00 a.m. July 6
  4. Between 11:00 p.m. December 31 until 1:00 a.m. January 1 

What: Only certain types of fireworks are allowed

The City's municipal code outlines in detail the types of fireworks that are allowable in city limits during approved times. 

Per the code some examples of permitted fireworks include:

  • Fireworks that go no higher than 15 feet and not designed to explode (if it flies higher than your house and explodes it's likely not legal!) 
  • Sparklers under 12 inches in length
  • Wheels with up to 6 "driver" units or tubes

Where: We're dealing with fire here, for the safety of everyone fireworks are only allowed in certain locations

Allowed locations for using fireworks:

  • Private property with permission (fire work type restrictions still apply)
  • NOT upon major arterial streets or alley’s
  • NOT within three hundred (300) feet of any public park
  • NOT within 1000 feet of any hospital, nursing, or assisted living facility
  • NOT under or upon a motor vehicle, whether moving or not
  • NOT within 300 feet of any gas station