Center for Public Safety and Excellence

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Professional Fire Service That Meets or Exceeds Standards

BFD is committed to providing citizens with a professional fire service that meets or exceeds professional standards and best practices from across the nation.  To accomplish this mission the department follows the recommendations from the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) which provides guidance on both individual member professional credentialing and organization accreditation. Bozeman Fire has 9 members who have completed the CPSE Commission on Professional Credentialing process, which awards fire service professionals internationally recognized third party credentialing.  The credentialing process evaluates fire professionals training, education, community involvement, professional contributions, and future professional development goals.  This process requires a three year renewal which ensures members continue to grow and progress in the Profession.

While the credentialing component from CPSE looks at individual work and achievement, the CPSE Commission on Fire Accreditation assesses overall organization effectiveness and efficiency by comparing departments against national standards and best practices. BFD started the informal process of working towards accreditation in 2017 and will look to begin the formal process in 2019.  The process requires a 3 to 5 year commitment to development of a strategic plan, self-assessment of all internal programs, and completion of a standards of coverage which adopts response expectations to both emergency and non-emergency calls.  Today there are less than 250 accredited departments in the world. 

Chief Fire Officer Designation: Fire Chief Josh Waldo

Fire Officer Designations: Battalion Chief Graver Johnson, Battalion Chief Travis Barton, Battalion Chief Jason Kolman

Fire Captain Matthew Norby, Fire Captain Scott Sanders,  Fire Captain Josh Charles, Fire Captain James Short, Fire Captain Chris Dubay

Firefighters receiving awards