Arterial and Collector Street Special Assessment

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What is the Arterial and Collector Special Assessment?:

  • A special assessment district to assist in the funding, construction and improvement of streets classified as "arterials and collectors". 

Why was the district created?:

  • To provide long term funding for necessary transportation infrastructure.
  • The District does not replace the Street Impact Fee program.

When was the district created?:

What are the funds used for?:

  • To acquire, construct, improve or maintain portions of the transportation network classified as "arterial and collector streets".
  • The purchase of rights of way.
  • Installation, improvement, alignment and connection of all necessary facilities (including related stormwater, pedestrian and bicycle facilities)
  • Installation or improvement of traffic and pedestrian controls at intersections.

Improvements  will be made  in accordance  with  the  city's  standard  street  design  cross-sections  specified  in the Transportation  Plan.  Improvements  made by the District  may supplement  but shall not replace or fund any portion of the projects that are eligible to be paid for under the Street Impact Fee program.

Who is affected by this assessment?:

  • All property within the incorporated city limits of Bozeman.

What is the Cost?:

Fiscal Year Cost
FY2016 $576,000
FY2017 $1,130,000
FY2018 $2,000,000


 It is the intent to continue the district beyond Fiscal Year 2018 with costs for each year to be determined by the Commission  pursuant to law. Each year, as part of its regular budget  process, the City will estimate the total costs of the District for the ensuing fiscal year. In establishing the annual assessment of costs to property owners, the City will  incorporate any other District revenues that may be available, including those from owner or developer payback agreements, state and federal grants, reimbursements, etc.

The costs of the District  will be assessed based upon the assessable area of each lot or parcel, expressed in square feet. The lot or parcel area will be limited to the maximum square footage assessed for the zoning designations  as listed below.

For non-conforming residences located in business and manufacturing  zoning districts without any business or manufacturing  use attached, there shall be a maximum of 15,000 square feet assessed.  The minimum annual assessment will be $3.50.

Zoning Max Assessment (Square Feet)
R-1 15,000 sq ft
R-2 15,000 sq ft
R-3 15,000 sq ft
R-4 15,000 sq ft
RMH 8,250 sq ft/unit
RS 15,000 sq ft
RO Developed - No Cap; Undeveloped - 15,000 sq ft
PLI 25% of total square footage
REMU Developed - No Cap; Undeveloped - 15,000 sq ft
All Business Zones        Developed - No Cap; Undeveloped - 15,000 sq ft
All Manufacturing Developed - No Cap; Undeveloped - 15,000 sq ft


 What projects is the City planning to complete with the funds?:

The following projects are anticipated to be completed in the next 5 Years. Additional projects will be added and prioritized as required by the needs of our transportation system and the growth of the street network. These projects may also contain developer contributions and street impact fee amounts.

  1. The following project was budgeted in the current year to receive Arterial & Collector Street Special District funding, if the District is created.

    Capital Plan No. Project
    SIF-42 Intersection of Baxter and Davis Lane
  2. These projects will be scheduled for Arterial & Collector Street Special District funding. Other projects may also be identified.  Any project MUST receive approval during the City’s Annual Budget process or through formal budget amendment.

    Capital Plan No. Project
    SIF-24 Intersection of Highland & Ellis
    SIF-33 Intersection of N. 7th Ave & Griffin
    SIF-36 Cottonwood Road (Babcock to Oak)
    SIF-39 Intersection of Ferguson & Durston
    SIF-46 Oak Street (New Holland to Ferguson)
    SIF-47 N 27th Avenue (Oak to Cattail)
    SIF-49 Oak Street (15th to 19th Avenue)
    SIF-54 Ferguson (Baxter to Oak)
    SIF-55 Baxter Lane (19th to Cottonwood)
    SIF-57 Oak Street (Ferguson to Cottonwood)
    SIF-58 Intersection (N 27th and Oak)
    SIF-60 Intersection (N 27th and Tschache)
    SIF-61 Intersection (Oak and Ferguson)
    SIF-62 Durston Road (Cottonwood to Fowler)
    SIF-64 Durston Road (Western City Limits to Cottonwood)
    N/A Fowler Avenue (Huffine to Oak)