Historic Properties

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The City of Bozeman has an historical and architectural heritage that is unquestionably noteworthy. Below is a list of historic residential and commercial structures.

Bozeman Multiple Property Nomination 1987

Property ID# Property Name Property Address
ID: 24GA954 22 West Lamme House 22 Est Lamme
ID: 24GA946 714 North Tracy House 714 North Tracy
ID: 24GA950 818 South Eighth House 818 South Eighth
ID: 24GA715 Barnett, R.T. and Company Building 13 East Main Street
ID: 24GA1520 Bartlett, Jack, House 8 West Harrison
ID: 24GA993 Beall Community Center 409 North Bozeman
ID: 24GA709 Blackmore Apartments 120 South Black
ID: 24GA936 Bohart House 510 North Church
ID: 24GA921 Bozeman Armory 24 West Mendenhall
ID: 24GA744 Bozeman Carnegie Library 35 North Bozeman Avenue
ID: 24GA710 Bozeman National Fish Hatchery 4050 Bridger Canyon Road
ID: 24GA920 Bozeman Sheet Metal Works 26 South Grand
ID: 24GA926 Bozeman YMCA 6 West Babcock
ID: 24GA931 Brandenburg House 122 West Lamme
ID: Pending Burr Fisher House 4430 River Road
ID: 24GA935 Busch House 224. North Church
ID: Pending Charles Lundwall Building 123-125 West Main Street
ID: Pending Chinese Store 201 East Main Street
ID: 24GA930 Colburn House 607 West Lamme
ID: 24GA923 Dokken Funeral Home 113 South Willson
ID: 24GA847 Emerson School 111 South Grand Avenue
ID: 24GA711 Emil Ketterer Residence 35 North Grand
ID: 24GA958 First Baptist Church 120 South Grand
ID: 24GA925 First Presbyterian Church 20 West Babcock
ID: Pending First Security Bank of Bozeman 208 East Main Street
ID: 24GA1075 Flaming Arrow Lodge 15521 Bridger Canyon Road
ID: 24GA1394 Flaming Arrow Ranch House and Office 15325 Bridger Canyon Road
ID: 24GA916 Gallatin County Courthouse 301 West Main Street
ID: 24GA949 Gallatin County High School 404 West Main Street
ID: 24GA714 Gallatin County Jail 317 West Main Street
ID: 24GA943 Gallatin Valley Seed Company 209 South Wallace
ID: 24GA922 Gifford House 112 South Grand
ID: 24GA490 Graf Building 219 - 221 West Authur
ID: 24GA928 Hamill Apartments 427 East Main Street
ID: 24GA938 Hamill House 205 South Church
ID: Pending Harper Block 237 East Main Street
ID: 24GA944 Harris House 502 West Mendenhall
ID: 24GA948 Hines House 420 West Olive
ID: 24GA918 Holy Rosary Church Rectory 220 West Main Street
ID: 24GA739 Hotel Baxter 105 West Main Street
ID: 24GA945 Johnson House 506 North Bozeman
ID: 24GA941 Kolble House 716 South Black
ID: 24GA929 Litening Gas 424 East Main Street
ID: Pending Men's Co-op 712 South Wilson
ID: 24GA924 Methodist Episcopal Church 121 South Wilson
ID: 24GA937 MISCO Grain Elevator 700 North Wallace
ID: Pending Montgomery Wards Co. 201 East Main Street
ID: Pending Nevitt's 107 - 111 - 113 East Main Street
ID: 24GA934 Newman House 216 North Church
ID: Pending Osborne Block 229 - 231 East Main Street
ID: 24GA939 Panton House 801 South Seventh
ID: Pending Rouse House 506 East Babcock
ID: Pending Samuel Lewis House 308 South Bozeman Avenue
ID: Pending Spieth Houses 204 North Bozeman and 209 East Lamme
ID: Pending Stewart House 804 South Willson