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Why Bozeman Plans

The Planning Division of Community Development is primarily responsible for furthering the goals of the Bozeman Community Plan (2009) and maintaining the Bozeman Municipal Code in order to:

  • Promote public health and safety
  • Create a functional community that is beautiful, healthful and efficient
  • Balance the desires of the City Commission, Developers and Individuals in the Community
  • Support economic development

Walk-In Services

  • Planning Division Website Assistance
  • Building Permit Questions
  • Business Licenses including Standard, Mobile Vending and Medical Marijuana
  • Short Term Rental Assistance - Eligibility & Registration Portal Navigation
  • Project File Viewing (for larger requests, please utilize the City Clerk's Record's Request form)
  • Prints or Copies are available at $0.50/page
  • See Below for Project Drop-off Hours and Appointments

Services by Appointment or Specific Hours

Small Project Drop-off - NEW!!!
**Open Hours Mondays & Tuesdays from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM**

  • Commercial Certificate of Appropriateness (CCOA)
  • Concept Review (CONR)
  • Condominium Review (CR)
  • Improvement Agreement (IA)
  • Informal (INF)
  • Modification to an Approved Plan (MOD)
  • Neighborhood Certificate of Appropriateness (NCOA)
  • Security Reduction/Release (SRR)
  • Special Temporary Use Permit (STUP)
  • Special Use Permit (SUP)

Planner-On-Call Office Hours:

General Questions?  Schedule during Planner-On-Call Hours using the 'Schedule Now' link to meet with a Planner one on one. 

These services include:

  • Project-Specific Planning & Zoning Questions
  • Property-Specific Planning & Zoning Questions
  • Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) & Historic Preservation Questions
  • Planning File Search


Completeness Reviews

Completeness Review Appointment Required for Submittal of the Project Types Listed Below:

  • Annexation, Regulated Activities in Wetlands (ANNX)
  • Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
  • Growth Policy Amendment (GPA)
  • Master Site Plan (MSP)
  • PUD Concept Plan, or PUD Preliminary Plan (PUD)
  • Site Plan (SP)
  • Subdivision Pre-Application (PA)
  • Subdivision Preliminary Plat (PP)
  • UDC Text Amendment
  • Zoning Variance (ZVAR)
  • Zone Map Amendment (ZMA)