City Manager

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About the City Manager

Dennis M. Taylor was sworn-in as the City of Bozeman, Interim City Manager on December 12, 2019. Dennis is an ICMA credentialed Manager with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and American Studies from Kansas University. Dennis has over 40 years of public service experience in local government and state government mostly in Montana. He has been the City Manager in the City of Eugene, OR; City of Billings, MT; City of Helena, MT; and served as the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Missoula, MT. He has previous experience serving as an Interim City Manager for the City of Helena, MT; City of Bozeman, MT; and the City of Whitefish, MT. Dennis served as a combat infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps and is a former VISTA volunteer.

City Manager Responsibilities

The role of the City Manager is to operate at the will of the City Commission with a focus on policy, long range planning, and strategy. Key areas, as identified in the City’s Strategic Plan, are:

  • A well-planned city with a focus on safety, sustainability and inclusivity.
  • A community that supports creativity, education, and an innovative economy.
  • A high performing organization that utilizes best practices to anticipate future needs, and engages the community for continuous improvement.

City Management Organization

While the Interim City Manager’s focus is primarily policy and planning, he shares the responsibility of operational oversight with Assistant City Managers Chuck Winn and Anna Rosenberry. Due to the collaborative nature of many issues that City Management faces, the team often works closely to achieve long-term goals; however, each individual oversees a team:

Interim City Manager, Dennis Taylor

  • Legal
  • City Clerk’s Office
  • Human Resources
  • Economic Development

Assistant City Manager, Anna Rosenberry

  • Public Works
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Facilities
  • Strategic Services

Assistant City Manager, Chuck Winn

  • Community Development
  • Fire Department
  • Parks, Recreation, and Cemetery
  • Police Department