Instructions for Bidding Under the City of Bozeman's Public Procurement Process

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Have you been asked to conduct a bid using the public procurement process?


  • Project where the City is entering into a payment agreement for the City’s share of infrastructure required for the developer’s project
  • Development agreement through Economic Development requires the public procurement process be followed for reimbursement to be received

**For all City-run projects, the bid will be conducted by a City staff member and City Clerk. This does not affect that process.**


  • Infrastructure design must be approved by City engineering.
  • Use the attached legal ad as a template if you wish (must change all highlighted yellow to your organization, dates, location, etc.)
  • Notice the bid opening two times minimum as legal ads in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The legal ads need to be in the Sunday edition.
    • The bid must be open for 15 days minimum from first legal ad to bid opening. The second/final ad must be between 5 and 12 days from the opening (Statute: 7-1-4127 (as required by 7-5-4302)).
    • Email notice to to publish, their deadline is noon Thursday for a Sunday advertisement.
    • Send copy of notice to City Clerk to publish on the website at before first advertisement date.
    • Send copy of final affidavit to City Clerk for record-keeping at once received.
  • Include attached Non-Discrimination Affirmation Form and Prevailing Wage Compliance Form in bidding materials, ensuring all bidders have signed this to be a responsive bidder.
  • City is not to be the plan-holder/distributor.
  • Bid opening MUST be public (notice must indicate as such). This can be at your office. The City will not manage the bid opening.
  • Be aware of standards in the law for how to award – lowest most responsive.
  • Keep all records related to the bidding process in your project files.

Remember, the point of this is you need to be able to show the City pursuant to the payment agreement that the process was followed. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate you followed that process via the documentation above.