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2018 Updated Cemetery Master Plan. This master plan was  updated by the Cemetery Advisory Board and approved at its board meeting on August 4, 2017.

The 73-acre Sunset Hills Cemetery, the only City owned and maintained cemetery, is a virtual arboretum of stately pine, fir, spruce, ash, maple, cedar and various ornamental trees, which are maintained by the Forestry Division. The cemetery currently contains over 16,000 burial sites with nine dedicated affiliation areas and room for expansion.

Sunset Hills Cemetery is located on East Main Street directly south of Lindley Park. If you are looking for burial records and plot locations, please visit us at the cemetery office located at 340 Golf Way.

Notables buried at Sunset Hills include Chester “Chet” Huntley, Henry Comstock discovered the famous Nevada Comstock Lode), John Bozeman (City’s Namesake), Nelson Story and countless other easily recognizable Gallatin Valley names.

Mission Statement

Sunset Hills Cemetery is dedicated to excellence in providing professional and dignified services in a serene and beautiful surrounding to help survivors through their bereavement process.

The Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Plan (PROST Plan adopted December 2007) 

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