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  • We are often asked: How do I know if I'm choosing a good contractor?

  • Are carbon monoxide detectors a good idea?

  • Do I need a permit to replace windows?

  • I am a landlord in Bozeman and, after reading the article in the paper about the house fire and possible building code violations, I would like to educate myself about bringing my rentals up to code and ensuring that they are safe for my tenants.

  • I want to enclose my carport and convert it into a garage. Are there nonstructural code issues I should be concerned about?

  • My wife seems to think that our 5 year old extension cords should be replaced. They look good to me… is there a life expectancy on these cords?

  • Our grandchildren love to sleep in the cool basement rooms during their summer visits, but my daughter is worried about them. Are they safe?

  • This spring we are purchasing a back yard storage shed kit. Do I need a building permit?