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Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan

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Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan Update

The 2009 Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan paved the way for many recent improvements over the past nine years – from building facade renovations to street tree plantings to the addition of dozens of new units of downtown housing. Now, it’s time to update the plan and chart a new path for the next decade. Join us to shape the future of your Downtown.  

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Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan (Draft) - Now Available!

The City of Bozeman and the Downtown Bozeman Partnership have released the draft of the 2019 Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan. 

The planning process began in June 2018 with the selection of a team of national, regional and local consultants including Agency Landscape + Planning (Cambridge, MA), Leland Consulting (Portland, OR), Intrinsik Architecture (Bozeman, MT) and Groundprint (Bozeman, MT). The Downtown Plan community outreach efforts informing the draft plan included: 26 meetings with over 100 stakeholders; 8 community events with 230 participants; and nearly 2,300 individual public comments received. 

Upon adoption in April 2019, the Downtown Plan will be a neighborhood plan within the Bozeman Community Plan which is also known as Bozeman’s growth policy. Written public comments about the plan can be sent to the City Commission at<> or the City Community Development Department at<>. 


Downtown Plan Public Meeting and Comment Schedule

Thanks to those of you that have provided feedback leading up to the Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan (DBIP) Annotated Framework. Over 2100 public comments have been received to date.

The next step will be the release of the formal draft plan by the City of Bozeman, followed by a 60+ day period of public meetings and public comment.

Anyone can submit public comment at any time via email to Please include the words "Downtown Plan" in the subject line.

Formal Draft Public Meeting Schedule:


2019 Downtown Plan Annotated Framework Release

The Downtown Partnership is pleased to release the Downtown Plan Annotated Framework and Appendix. Think of these documents as the “rough” drafts of the Downtown Plan. You can download PDF copies of both documents by clicking the links provided below. Feel free to submit feedback about any aspect of the proposed plan.

CLICK HERE to download Annotated Framework PDF

CLICK HERE to download Appendix PDF

Deadline for comments is Friday January 18, 2019

Submit comments to


2018 Downtown Plan Draft Framework Presentation

The consultant team presented the Downtown Plan Draft Framework at various public events October 29-31, 2018. Over 120 people attended and provided feedback bring the total number of public responses to the Downtown Plan concepts to over 2,100 since August.

Click HERE to download the Downtown Plan Draft Framework
(The formal draft Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan will be released shortly after the New Year)


Community Involvement

Thanks to everyone who participated in the week-long events for the Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan from August 12th to August 17th. Your ideas are helping us shape the future of Downtown Bozeman. To date, we have received feedback from approximately 380 people.

  • 144 online survey responses
  • 165+ participants in five community workshops*
  • 155 comment flags placed
  • 227 comments overall - sticky notes, flags, postcards
  • 68 stakeholder interviews

To view and download the presentations from engagement week, click the “Documents” menu at the top of this web page. There you will find the Downtown Plan engagement week community presentation and the summary presentation. 

Please visit our website, for updates and for more information about the project process.


 Prior Involvement Opportunities:

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