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Bozeman Public Safety Center FAQs

Where will the Bozeman Public Safety Center be?

The City of Bozeman currently owns property off of North Rouse Ave, near the intersections of Peach and Tamarack. This location offers easy access to the downtown core as well as west Bozeman via Oak Street.

Will we have to build another fire station if we invest in this one now?

An investment today of a new location for Fire Station #1 will delay the need of an additional station for at least 6-8 years. Additionally, shifting fire station locations will save taxpayers $1.2 million annually in operations. Also, by selling the current Fire Station #1 we can offset the new building price by $2.5 million.

Does the $36.9 million price factor in the sale of Fire Station #1?

Yes. We are estimating a $2.5 million offset of total building cost with the sale of Fire Station #1. If we receive more than that for the sale, that extra amount would go towards paying down the bond amount quicker.

Why didn’t the City try to build this building before? Why is this a better choice than previous efforts?

We have learned much from past bond efforts and feel as though the Bozeman Safety Center is the best investment for the Bozeman community. It addresses many issues residents had with previous efforts and gives Bozeman a solution for immediate facility and service issues while planning now for future growth.

Will two separate buildings for Gallatin County and City of Bozeman affect their ability to work together?

No. The City of Bozeman and Gallatin County will continue to collaborate and work together. The BPSC will allow Bozeman residents to receive more specialized services unique to Bozeman residents, and having two separate facilities will allow much needed elbow room for both Gallatin County and City of Bozeman.In a letter from the Gallatin County Commission (4/30/2018) Chairman Steve White wrote, "Should the City Commission formally vote to put the Rouse Street proposal to the Bozeman City Voters, the County Commission does not want to diminish your chances of success."

Bozeman will continue to work collaboratively with the Gallatin County Sheriff¹s Office and Gallatin County.

Where is the jail? Will there be a new jail?

The jail will remain at the Law & Justice Center on S. 16th Ave. We will not be building a new jail.

What are the benefits for Police, Fire, Courts and Victims Services to be co-located?

There are a myriad of benefits – and cost savings – for Bozeman taxpayers and residents to have all four services located in a single building. This initial investment was developed with an eye on growth, and will delay the need to build another fire station for at least 6-8 years. The building size also allows for additional officers, firefighters, victim advocates, and more needed staff to be hired on. All of the current facilities are maxed out on space to add employees, and the BPSC will offer room to grow with our community. Combined equipment storage and training rooms for fire and police offers savings by sharing facilities, and the close proximity assists in staff training expenses and opportunities. Additionally, having one central hub streamlines staff time and efficiency by curbing the need to travel across town to difference locations for trials, meetings, and training.

Are there less expensive options?

In addition to serving the City in our professional capacity, we are also residents and pay the same taxes as our neighbors and friends. We are constantly mindful whenever we invest taxpayer dollars to ensure the most deliberate, thoughtful investment of our community funds. The BPSC is a modest facility that will drastically improve current conditions, space, and resources for four major City departments, and will provide opportunity for growth as our City grows.

Why not just invest in updating Fire Station #1 instead of building something new?

Not only is the boiler failing in Fire Station #1, the building itself is now too small for the department to operate out of, with no room for growth in it’s current location. Needing a new facility is a certainty, updating the current building would be a Band-Aid issue for a greater problem and would end up costing taxpayers more money in the long run.

How does the Bozeman Public Safety Center affect me?

Bozeman is a safe community, and it’s up to all of us to keep it that way. By investing in the fire department, police department, municipal courts and victims services, we can properly plan for the growth ahead of our community and ensure our low response times, safe neighborhoods, and quality of life are maintained. We all enjoy the fact that we can drop by the fire station unannounced to get child seats checked, or the peace of mind knowing there are resource officers making the rounds in our schools and keeping our children safe. As our community grows, we need to ensure our emergency services are well equipped to meet that growth. The time is now to invest in our firefighters, police officers, judges, victim advocates, and attorneys who work tirelessly to keep Bozeman, Bozeman.