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What's Happening? 

The City of Bozeman is updating its Community Plan, which will guide future growth and development within the City over the next ten to twenty years. The Community Plan update engages the public in defining a shared vision for the future of Bozeman. The Community Plan is guided by you and the strategic plan, which the City Commission adopted last April.

The purpose of the Community Plan is to integrate the concerns and expressions of the community into a document that guides the City on how to grow and develop. A high rate of land development, changing economic conditions and employment, and maturing nearby communities, make it necessary to update plans for the future growth of the community. 

With your help throughout this process, we have learned what you love about Bozeman, what you would improve about Bozeman, and what you want Bozeman’s future to look like. Seven vision themes have been developed, and from them, opportunities to help guide Bozeman as it continues to grow.

The next step in this process is to develop goals and objectives for the Community Plan. The goals and objectives will be derived from ongoing public input, existing conditions in the community and adopted plans, and staff review and will be developed specifically for each of the vision themes. Progress indicators are also being created in order to track and monitor the plan's success. 

Phase II Summary - Newly Updated!

The update the Bozeman Community Plan is ongoing and we are gathering great information from you and all the participates who attended one of the many public events we have held during the week of August 6 – 9, 2018 and October 15 – 17, 2018.

     Six “Themes” have evolved from your effort:

  • The Shape of the City
  • A City of Neighborhoods
  • A City Bolstered by Downtown and Complementary Districts
  • A City Influenced by our Mountains, Parks, Trails, and Open Space
  • A City Influenced by Regional Coordination and Defined Edges
  • A City that Prioritizes Mobility Choices
  • A City Powered by its Creative, Innovative, and Entrepreneurial Economy

We have compiled a summary of responses from the second questionnaire that have been submitted to date. You are welcome and encouraged to complete the questionnaire if you haven’t done so already.


     A more complete phase 2 summary will be added shortly. Stayed tuned!

Community Plan Documents & Reports

 Foundation, Analysis and Vision, Opportunities and Choices, Plan Development and Approval (We are in Plan Development and Approval)

Community Plan Update Documents & Reports


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  • Why is the City updating the Bozeman Community Plan?
  • How can I be involved in the update?
  • What is the purpose of the Bozeman Community Plan?
  • Does the City have other planning documents?
  • Are there other City plans or studies happening right now?
  • Is the City working with Gallatin County on this update?
  • Are there other intergovernmental land use coordination efforts ongoing?
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Public hearings will be held prior to any final action. No public hearings have been scheduled at this time. Public comment is also invited at all hearings.