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The Community Plan and Future Land Use Map

The final review on the Planning Board (Board) draft of the Bozeman Community Plan (Plan) or growth policy, is set for Tuesday, July 21, 2020 starting at 6:00 pm. The final draft includes both the Plan text and Future Land Use Map. The new Plan will entirely replace the current growth policy. Links to both documents are just below. As required by State law, the Board is charged with creating a draft Plan to present to the City Commission for final review, action, and eventual adoption. In other words, there will be more opportunity to comment and direct the City’s future.

Your comments, ideas, and feedback are important. Please share your thoughts via email at or attend the public hearings listed below.

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An essential element of the Plan is the Future Land Use Map or FLUM. This map shows general patterns for future development throughout the Bozeman planning area. The planning area includes lands outside the City limits and extends approximately 1 to 3 miles beyond. The map is important because it helps the City align its investment in infrastructure with where development will occur in the future, coordinate with Gallatin County and inform land owners. Good planning is fiscally and environmentally responsible.

 maps1 Future Land Use Map 




Community Plan Schedule:

  • Planning Board hearing on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 6:00 pm via WebEx. After action by the Board is completed the following general schedule with the City Commission is proposed (the schedule may change depending on the degree of amendments to the draft directed by the Planning Board or City Commission and unforeseen scheduling challenges with the City Commission:
  • July 22nd-August 5th – Revisions for Planning Board motions and amendments
  • August 6th – publish PB recommended draft to the website
  • August 18th – Short introduction (15 min) to City Commission of Planning Board recommendation and kickoff of City Commission review
  • August 25th – City Commission adopts Resolution of Intent to adopt growth policy and setting public hearing dates (Consent agenda action is anticipated)
  • September – Public outreach regarding the Plan
  • October 13th – 1st City Commission public hearing
  • October 27th – 2nd City Commission public hearing with direction of amendments
  • October 28th to November 12th – Revisions to text and map as needed to implement City Commission direction
  • November 24 – Final City Commission hearing and presentation resolution of adoption for final action

Public comments on the Bozeman Community Plan can be submitted to or to City of Bozeman, Attention Tom Rogers and Chris Saunders, PO Box 1230, Bozeman MT 59771.

You can click this link Bozeman Community Plan 2009   to compare the older version that includes the future land use map from 2009.

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What's Happening? 

The City of Bozeman is updating its Community Plan, which will guide future growth and development within the City over the next ten to twenty years. The Community Plan update has engaged the public in defining seven themes for the future of Bozeman. The Community Plan is guided by you, special topic plans for individual municipal services, and the strategic plan, which the City Commission adopted in April 2018.

Plan Purpose

The purpose of the Community Plan is to integrate the concerns and desires of the community into a document that guides the City on how to grow and develop. A high rate of land development, changing economic conditions and employment, and maturing nearby communities make it necessary to update plans for the future growth of the community.

Next Steps

Once the final draft of the plan is adopted, the next step is to develop the final methods of measuring progress as outlined in Chapter 4 of the Plan. The Plan recommends a variety of implementing actions. The City Commission will prioritize which implementation actions to go first. The City Manager and Staff will then work to execute the prioritized actions.  

Community Plan Update Documents & Reports


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  • Why is the City updating the Bozeman Community Plan?
  • How can I be involved in the update?
  • What is the purpose of the Bozeman Community Plan?
  • Does the City have other planning documents?
  • Are there other City plans or studies happening right now?
  • Is the City working with Gallatin County on this update?
  • Are there other intergovernmental land use coordination efforts ongoing?
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Public comment:

Public Comment may be submitted by any of the following options.


Mail to:

Attn: Community Development
PO Box 1230
Bozeman, MT 59771

In-person delivery to:

Community Development
20 E. Olive Street, main floor
Bozeman, MT 59715

Public hearings will be held prior to any final action. No public hearings have been scheduled at this time. Public comment is also invited at all hearings.