Annexation of Unincorporated Areas

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Annexation process for parcels wholly surrounded by City of Bozeman land

The Latest: 

At the Bozeman City Commission meeting on October 28, 2019 the Bozeman City Commission met to discuss two items related to annexation:

  1. To amend existing city policies for land owner initiated annexations 
  2. To consider for the first time a draft extension of services plan for City initiated annexations

There was healthy discussion and public comment on both topics. The complete agenda along with linked packet materials can be found on our website and the actual video from the meeting is now available (skip to 17:45 for the start of the annexation items .)

The Background: 

The Bozeman Strategic Plan 4.3e calls for city staff to do the following: 

Annexation of Islands and Critical Adjacent Lands - Investigate the development of new annexation policies to address long term tax fairness for public services, locations of infrastructure, and locations for future infill and growth.

In 2018, 2019, and 2020 the City Commission identified "Annexation Analysis and Study" as one of the priority items in the Strategic Plan. 

The process is just beginning. The City is not annexing any properties at this time, but is in the initial stages of developing policies and the process.

Public Events

  • At the March 5, 2020 City Commission meeting the City Commission is expected to consider adoption of the Extension of Services Plan (ESP) for city initiated annexation. The ESP is the tool, allowed by the State of Montana, that gives cities the authority to make a plan for annexation of an unincorporated area surrounded by city limits. 

WHEN:                  MARCH 2, 5:00 PM (EARLY START TIME)

  • At the March 23, 2020 City Commission meeting the City Commission is expected to start conversation about how they want to proceed with city initiated annexation and how they would prioritize annexation of the different parcels or groups identified in the city boundaries. 

WHEN:                  MARCH 23, 6:00 PM

The packet materials for the March 2 and March 23 meetings will be linked on our website and sent out via eNotification as soon as they are available (the Thursday before the scheduled meeting.) 

As the process continues more opportunities will be offered to collect feedback and questions.

How can you learn more?

Keep an eye on this page!  It will be updated with ongoing developments in the process and FAQ.  

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  • Why is the City exploring annexing these areas?
  • What is the landowner initiated annexation process?
  • What is the City initiated annexation process?
  • What are some of the benefits of annexing into the city?
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