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Annexation of Unincorporated Areas

Information and Important Dates in March

Post Date:02/18/2020 12:00 PM

Good Afternoon,

It has been a few months since we touched based with any updates on the annexation process for unincorporated areas surrounded by city limits. We are still at the beginning of this process and continue to gather information.  If you attended our open house last year or the City Commission meeting following, you will remember a few details that we were just beginning to figure out.

1. The Extension of Services Plan – This is the tool, allowed by the State of Montana, that gives cities the authority to make a plan for annexation of an unincorporated area surrounded by city limits. On October 28, 2019 the City Commission considered for the first time a draft extension of services plan. The Commission took no formal action on the plan and asked that staff bring back a final version for them to consider at a later date. That day is now on the calendar! March 2, 2020 will be the day that the City Commission considers adoption of the Extension of Services Plan for city initiated annexation.

2. The Who and When part of city initiated annexation – So, if the Commission were to officially adopt the extension of services plan on March 2, 2020 that would only formalize the tool. The next, bigger step is to figure out if they want to proceed with city initiated annexation and how they would prioritize annexation of the different parcels or groups identified in the city boundaries. The date that the City Commission expects to start that conversation is March 23, 2020.

To summarize: There are two important dates in March for you to keep an eye on or choose to attend.

  • March 2nd at 5 PM (NOTE THE EARLY START TIME) at City Hall the City Commission will consider adoption of the final extension of services plan which serves as the tool the city can utilize for city initiated annexations.
  • March 23rd at 6 PM at City Hall the City Commission will consider the plan for prioritization of how they would annex the different groups identified.

It is important to note that City Commission agendas are not “officially” set in stone until the Thursday before a meeting. We are confident that these dates will remain the same but there is always a possibility that they could change. If they were to change we would make sure to send out an eNotification letting you know.

All the documents that will accompany an item on the City Commission’s agenda will be available online on Thursday afternoon when the agenda is officially released. You can view those on our website once they're up, though I will make sure to send out an eNotification and link to those documents on the “Annexation of Unincorporated Areas” page on our website.

How to participate:

You can submit a public comment at any time either online or via email at . You can make a public comment in person at the Commission meetings (there is always time at the beginning of the meeting, as well as time associated with each individual item.) Lastly, if you want to follow the meeting but don’t feel like sitting in the Commission Room all night you can watch it streamed online or on Cable Channel 190.

Finally, we know that you may have neighbors who aren’t yet signed up for eNotifications of this category. If you know people in your community who would need this information please pass it on to them. Also, remind them that they can sign up at any time at

Thank you,

Melody Mileur

City of Bozeman

Communications Coordinator


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