Ice Rinks

All 3 City ice rinks are now CLOSED for the season. 

Ice Rinks in Bozeman:

During the winter months the Park Division builds ice rinks at three different locations. The ice rinks are at Beall Park, Southside Park, & Bogert Park. There is no set open and close date because rink construction is dependent on the weather. Traditionally the target date to open the rinks is around Christmas. Maintaining the rinks is stopped the first week of March regardless if the weather is still conducive to making ice. This is because the ice needs time to melt so the grass can grow in the spring.

Rink Hours

  • 12:00pm - 10:00pm Monday - Friday
  • 10:00am - 10:00pm Saturday and Sunday


  • Bogert Park

    1. Address:S Church Ave & Bogert Pl
      Bozeman, MT 59715
    2. Phone:(406) 582-2290
    1. Band Shell
    2. Basketball
    3. Bench
    4. Bike Rack
    5. Bridge
    6. Dog Station
    7. Drinking Fountain
    8. Fishing
    9. Garbage Can
    10. Ice Rink
    11. Kiosk
    12. Large Pavilion
    13. Lights and Electricity
    14. Nature/Wildlife Area
    15. Open Grass Area
    16. Park Sign
    17. Parking Lot
    18. Picnic Pavilion
    19. Picnic Tables
    20. Playground
    21. Potable Water
    22. Restrooms Open Year Round
    23. Swimming Pool
    24. Tennis Court
    25. Trails
    1. Parks

Bogert-Park-Image-1 Bogert-Park-Image-2

Bogert-Park-Image-3 Bogert-Park-Image-2

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