City Commission Meeting



Monday, May 20, 2019

Table of Contents

A.  Call to Order 6:00 PM - Commission Room, City Hall, 121 North Rouse 

B.  Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence 

C.  Changes to the Agenda 

D.  Authorize Absence - Commissioner Jeff Krauss 

E.  Public Service Announcements 

  1. City Commission Meeting Cancelled on Monday, May 27, 2019 and Closure of City Offices (Crough) 

F.  FYI 

G.  Commission Disclosures 

H.  Consent 

  1. Formal Cancellation of the May 27, 2019 City Commission Meeting (Crough)
  2. Ratify the City Manager’s Approval of an On-Premises Beer and Wine License for Little Star Diner, Co. of Bozeman, Montana to Sell Beer and Wine at 548 East Babcock Street, for Calendar Year 2019 (Portnell)
  3. Authorize the City Manager to Sign a Public Access Easement with Bridger View Development, LLC for Installation of a Sidewalk for the Bozeman Commons Phase Four Project on the North Side of East Main Street, Located at 1107 East Main Street (Nielsen)
  4. Authorize the City Manager to Sign a Lease-Purchase Agreement with Merchants Bank Equipment Finance for a 2019 Elgin Broom Bear Sweeper (Vandelinder)
  5. Authorize the City Manager to Sign a Professional Services Agreement with Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. (AE2S) for Improvements to the City’s Drought Model (Ahlstrom)
  6. Authorize the City Manager to Sign a Professional Services Agreement with Stahly Engineering and Associates, Inc. for the Front Street Interceptor Sewer Main Replacement Project (Murray)
  7. Authorize the City Manager to Sign Task Order Number EDD19-001 with Sanderson Stewart for Professional Services on a Time and Materials Basis for Economic Development (Fine)

    Consider the motion: I move to approve Consent Items 1-7 as submitted.

I.  Public Comment - Please state your name and address in an audible tone of voice for the record. This is the time to comment on any matter falling within the scope of the Bozeman City Commission. There will also be time in conjunction with each agenda item for public comment relating to that item but you may only speak once. Please note, the City Commission cannot take action on any item which does not appear on the agenda. All persons addressing the City Commission shall speak in a civil and courteous manner and members of the audience shall be respectful of others. Please limit your comments to three minutes. 

J.  Special Presentations 

  1. AmeriCorps VISTA Project Update (Fontenot/Bowe)
  2. Police Department Annual Report (Crawford) 

K.  Action Items 

  1. Resolution 5046, Approving a Project in the Bozeman Midtown Urban Renewal District, Known as West Peach Condos, as an Urban Renewal Project, Making Findings with Respect Thereto and Approving the Use of Tax Increment Revenues or Tax Increment Revenue Bonds to Pay, Reimburse or Finance Eligible Costs Thereof; Approving a Related Development Agreement; and Making a Reimbursement Declaration (Fine)

    Consider the motion: Incorporating the information and findings in the staff report to the Midtown Urban Renewal Board, the staff memorandum to the City Commission, oral findings made by the Commission during the public hearing, information and findings contained in the proposed resolution, and after considering public comment, I hereby move to adopt Resolution 5046. 

L.  FYI / Discussion

M.  Adjournment

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View past City Commission agendas here.
View City Commission final approved minutes here. 

City Commission meetings are open to all members of the public.  If you have a disability that requires assistance, please contact our ADA Coordinator, Mike Gray, at 582-3232 (TDD 582-2301).

Commission meetings are televised live on cable channel 190 and streamed live at City Commission meetings are re-aired on cable Channel 190 Wednesday night at 4 p.m., Thursday at noon, Friday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

In order for the City Commission to receive all relevant public comment in time for this City Commission meeting, please submit via or by emailing no later than 3:00 PM on the day of the meeting. Public comment may be made in person at the meeting as well.



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