City Commission Meeting



Monday, February 11, 2019

Table of Contents

A.  Call to Order 6:00 PM - Commission Room, City Hall, 121 North Rouse

B.  Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence

C.  Changes to the Agenda

D.  Authorize Absence - Commissioner I-Ho Pomeroy

E.  Public Service Announcements

  1. No City Commission Meeting on Monday, February 18, 2019 and Closure of City Offices (Crough)


G.  Commission Disclosures

H.  Minutes

  1. Approve the Regular Meeting Minutes from January 7, January 14, and January 28, 2019, and User Access to Linked Minutes (Crough)

    Consider the motion:
    I move to approve the City Commission minutes from January 7, January 14, and January 28, 2019 as submitted.

I.  Consent

  1. Authorize Payment of Accounts Payable Claims for Goods and Services (LaMeres)
  2. Formal Cancellation of the February 18, 2019 City Commission Meeting (Crough)
  3. Approve the Final Plat for the Lakes at Valley West Phase 5A Subdivision, Authorize the Director of Public Works to Sign the Same, and the Director of Community Development to Sign the Improvements Agreements on behalf of the City of Bozeman, Application 18504 (Quasi-Judicial) (Rosenberg)
  4. Authorize the City Manager to Sign a Notice of Award to Omdahl Excavation and Utilities, Inc. for Construction of the 2019 Bozeman Stormwater Improvements as well as Final Contract Documents Once Received (Mehrens)
  5. Authorize the City Manager to Sign the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Master Agreement, B221 Document, and Service Order Agreements with Taylor Architects P.C. dba ThinkOne for Design Services for the Bozeman Public Safety Center (BPSC) (Winn)
  6. Authorize the City Manager to Sign a Professional Services Agreement with Latitude Geographics Group Ltd. for ArcGIS Enterprise Consulting Services (Henderson)
  7. Authorize the City Manager to Sign Addendum Number 1 to the Professional Services Agreement with Altitude Training Associates, LLC for Contractor Training Services (Mehrens)
  8. Resolution 4994, Intent to Create Special Improvement Lighting District (SILD) Number 751 for the New High School and Flanders Creek Subdivision (Clark/Massey)
  9. Resolution 5006, Intent to Create Special Improvement Lighting District (SILD) Number 752 for the New High School and Sports Park (Clark/Massey)
  10. Resolution 5008, Intent to Consider the Nexus Point Growth Policy Amendment to Amend Figure 3-1 of the Bozeman Community Plan, the Future Land Use Map from Business Park Mixed Use to Residential Use on 20 Acres, Located on the West Side of 19th Avenue, South of Stucky Road, and North of West Graf Street, Application 19014 (Rosenberg)

    Consider the motion: I move to approve Consent Items 1-10 as submitted.

J.  Public Comment - Please state your name and address in an audible tone of voice for the record. This is the time to comment on any matter falling within the scope of the Bozeman City Commission. There will also be time in conjunction with each agenda item for public comment relating to that item but you may only speak once. Please note, the City Commission cannot take action on any item which does not appear on the agenda. All persons addressing the City Commission shall speak in a civil and courteous manner and members of the audience shall be respectful of others. Please limit your comments to three minutes.

K.  Special Presentation

  1. Proposed Legislation to Create a Fourth Department of the 18th Judicial District Court (District Judge Holly Brown) 

L.  Action Items

  1. Public Hearing on Protests for Special Improvement District (SID) Number 747 and Adoption of Resolution 4955, Creating Special Improvement District (SID) Number 747 for the Purpose of Undertaking Certain Street Improvements to Manley Road from the Intersection with Griffin Drive to the Northern Boundary of the Gallatin Park Subdivision and Financing the Costs Thereof (Kohtz)

    Consider the motion:
    After hearing all protests, and finding them to be insufficient under law to bar further proceedings, I hereby move to adopt Resolution 4955 creating Special Improvement District Number 747 for Manley Road.

  2. Resolution 4991, Approving a Project in the Bozeman Midtown Urban Renewal District as an Urban Renewal Project, Making Findings with Respect Thereto and Approving the Use of Tax Increment Revenues or Tax Increment Revenue Bonds to Pay, Reimburse or Finance Eligible Costs Thereof; Authorizing the City Manager to Sign a Related Development Agreement with Life Style Solutions Real Estate, LLC; and Making a Reimbursement Declaration; for the Ruh Building (Fine)

    Consider the motion:
    Having reviewed and considered the staff report, application materials, public comment, and all information presented, I hereby adopt the findings presented in the staff report and move to adopt Resolution 4991.

  3. Transportation (Street) Impact Fee Study – Additional Requested Information and Direction to Staff Regarding Adopting the New Study and Making Changes to the City’s Transportation (Street) Impact Fees (Rosenberry)

    Consider the motion:
    I move to direct staff to return with a resolution to adopt the new study and change Transportation Impact Fees.

  4. Appointment(s) to the Economic Development Council (EDC) (Sweeney)

    Consider the motion:
    I move to appoint up to two members to the Economic Development Council to positions with terms ending February 1, 2022.

  5. Appointment to the Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee (PTSC) (Sweeney)

    Consider the motion:
    I move to appoint one member to the City Appointee (Voting) position on the Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee to a term ending December 31, 2020.

M.  Policy/Work Session

  1. City Commission Goal Setting / Strategic Plan Priorities for 2019 (Surratt)

    Consider the motion:
    I move to approve the following [insert items] as the Strategic Plan Priorities for 2019.

N.  FYI/Discussion

O.  Adjournment

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City Commission meetings are open to all members of the public.  If you have a disability that requires assistance, please contact our ADA Coordinator, Mike Gray, at 582-3232 (TDD 582-2301).

Commission meetings are televised live on cable channel 190 and streamed live at City Commission meetings are re-aired on cable Channel 190 Wednesday night at 4 p.m., Thursday at noon, Friday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

In order for the City Commission to receive all relevant public comment in time for this City Commission meeting, please submit via or by emailing no later than 3:00 PM on the day of the meeting. Public comment may be made in person at the meeting as well.

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