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Planning Coordinating Committee

Belgrade / Bozeman / Gallatin County Planning Coordination Committee 

AGENDA Tuesday, July 10, 2018

3:00 - 5:00pm 

Gallatin County Courthouse Community Room



1. Introductions
2. Approval of Minutes June 12, 2018, June 26, 2018
3. Public Comment 


4. Trapline -   Updates from communities
                         Reactions from our 3 Planning Board meetings on June 26th  

5. Reminder: Urban 3 study results on development and tax implications. July 11, 2018.  6:00 pm at Rialto.  

3:30 Work Session Business 

6. Water (30 minutes)
Goal: Develop long-term goals for water infrastructure standards, agriculture, conservation, and other beneficial uses.
Four Corners Community Foundation Presentation of H2O Tools . Overview followed by discussion of future research or information needs. 
AGAI update on agricultural water users.      

7. Bozeman-Gallatin County MOU - Annexation and Development Standards (20 minutes)
Work session Sean& Chris S: discuss the draft outlining coordinating actions and distances.

8. Vision Statement –  (15 minutes)
Goal: Develop a uniform statement or vision that is included in new growth policies that speaks to the big picture future of the Gallatin Valley.
Review draft and consider public comments (6/26).  

4:35 Next Steps

9. Assignments and Work Groups July 11 – September 4 TBD 

            Draft coordination rationale and process between jurisdictions to include in growth policies. How will the jurisdictions continue to Communicate? 

            Final draft of Bozeman-Gallatin County MOU. 

            Transportation Standards defined. 

            Water – draft approach 

            School Districts – growth and infrastructure demands. 

10. Public Comment 

5:00 Adjourn


Regional coordination creates and maintains a coherent land use pattern that supports the needs of existing and future citizens and the desire to protect community character and amenities.  Cooperation between jurisdictions supports development patterns that do not compromise the ability of municipalities to grow in the future or expand necessary infrastructure.  

Belgrade, Bozeman and Gallatin County will coordinate land use in the Triangle to achieve:  

  • Compact, contiguous development and infill to achieve an efficient use of land and infrastructure, reducing sprawl and preserving open space.


  • The efficient and economical use of public funds. 


  • Well-planned transportation systems consistent with the overall growth management vision and supports the development of multi-modal and public transportation networks.


  • Community centers with adequate highway, utility, health, educational and recreational facilities. Residential areas providing healthy surroundings for family life.  


  • Opportunities for agriculture, industry and business, while minimizing conflict with adjacent land uses.


  • Conservation of open space, agricultural lands, wildlife habitat, and water resources.


    (comment 2/26: commit to reduce development footprint, reduce global warming, coordinate regulations cities-counties, decide on growth rate to coordinate with footprint and sustainability).


For more information please contact:

Sean O’Callaghan, Gallatin County Planning Director  406-582-3130

Jennifer Boyer, PCC Facilitator 406-539-3006,

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