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Development Review Committee (DRC)

Agenda for 6.21.17

  • Date: 06/21/2017 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Location: Alfred M Stiff Building - Second Floor Conference Room
    20 E. Olive
    Bozeman, Montana 59715

Development Review Committee

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 10:00 am, Second Floor Conference Room, Alfred Stiff Professional Building – 20 E. Olive Street


  1. Reviews

A. 16374 Links Condominiums Site Plan (Krueger) Revisions

 2411 Birdie Drive. Site Plan application for the construction of 4 duplexes and 2 triplexes (14 dwelling units) to review a previously approved site plan for 18 dwelling units in 2007 (Z07158). Two of the originally approved duplexes, water distribution, a lift station, sanitary sewer, storm water, and road improvements are already completed.

B. 17137 Cannery District Phase 2 and Building K SP (Krueger) Revisions

117 East Oak Street.  Proposed construction of an 11,000 square foot commercial building with related site improvement and the construction of the Cannery District Phase 2 parking and circulation.

C. 17257 Story Mill Community Park SP (Jadin)

South of Bridger Drive between Griffin and Story Mill Road. A community park including a community center, playgrounds, teaching garden, trails, splash pad, gathering space and associated driveways and parking.

D. 17265 Black Olive SP (Krueger)

202 South Black Avenue. Site plan application for the demolition of the existing office building and the construction of a five story, 47 unit mixed use apartment building and related site improvements. The project proposes 28 one bedroom and 19 two bedroom apartments, 40 parking spaces and 1 carshare vehicle in one building. Eight hundred square feet of commercial space is proposed on the ground floor.

E. 17258 Lakes at Valley West Phase 5 Subdivision Pre-application (Saunders)

5600 Durston Road. Pre-application for 78 lots on 20.4 acres for a total of 92 dwellings. Final phase of the Lakes at Valley West project. Non-standard lot sizes and widths and several woonerfs for lot access.

F. 17259 Lakes at Valley West Phase 5 Concept PUD (Saunders)

5600 Durston Road. Final phase of the Lakes at Valley West. 78 lots on 20.4 acres for a total of 92 dwellings. Dedication of 7+ acres of park to complete the Bronken Park/Baxter Creek/Lakes at Valley West park complex with associated trails and open spaces. Sixteen relaxations requested including a new relaxation for park frontage.

G. 17266 Flanders Mill Subdivision Phase 7 MOD Preliminary Plat (Saunders)

East of Flanders Mill and north of Oak Street. Preliminary plat to revise conditions and required infrastructure. Request to remove condition 19 regarding water flows leaving the site, consolidation of 20 lots into a single large parcel for future site plan development, and removal of a portion of Ryun Sun Way.


H. 17247 415 East Olive SP (Garber)

415 E. Olive St. Site Plan application proposing a 1 bedroom, 1,500 square foot second home accessed off the alley on a 14,400 square foot lot in R-2 zoning.

2. Concept Plan Reviews

A. None

Final Meeting Reviews (Upcoming)

  1. 16535 North Edge Commons Preliminary Plat (WerBell) June 28
  2. 17275 Midtown Apartments Site Plan (Owens) June 28
  3. 17273 Lot 7A Minor Subdivision Preliminary Plat (Jadin) June 28
  4. 17278 Norton East Ranch Subdivision Phase 4 Pre-app (WerBell) June 28
  5. 16535 North Edge Commons Preliminary Plat (WerBell) June 28
  6. 17233 Cornerstone Condos Site Plan (Jadin) June 28
  7. 17026 MSU Innovation Campus Site Plan Phase 1 (Krueger) June 28
  8. 17027 MSU Innovation Campus Master Plan (Krueger) June 28
  9. 17295 North Park URD (Saunders) June 28

Upcoming Reviews-adequacy determination/comment letter due to applicant on this date

  1. 17175 Pine Meadows Accessory Dwelling Unit CUP (Garber) July 5
  2. 17284 Lisa Easton Home-based Business CUP (Boughan) July 5
  3. 17286 Haggerty Lane Cottages Master Site Plan (Jadin) July 5
  4. 17297 Pine Meadows South Subdivision Pre application (Owens) July 12

Other Reviews

  1. 17050 Yellowstone Theological Institute Final Plat (Krueger) New revisions
  2. 17029 Allison Phase 3 Final Plat (Owens)
  3. 17224 Norton East  Ranch Phase 3C Final Plat (Jadin)
  4. 17254 Partridge Downs Phase 1B Final Plat (Rogers)
  5. 17277 J and D Subdivision Phase 2 Final Plat (Rogers)
  6. 17281 Southbridge Subdivision Final Plat (Rogers)
  7. 15273A Northpark Master Plan Final Plan (Krueger) 


This board generally meets every Wednesday at 10:00am. This board will no longer meet in this format after the June 28, 2017 meeting. No agendas will be published after June 28, 2017.

Committee meetings are open to all members of the public. If you have a disability and require assistance, please contact our ADA coordinator, Mike Gray at 406-582-3232 (TDD 582-2301).