Don't Fear The Cone
Know your Sidewalk Responsibilities

Break out the biceps! Let's all keep Bozeman's sidewalks safe and clear this year.
Here's what you need to know:
  • City Ordinances require that residential sidewalks are cleared of snow within 24 hours of any snow accumulation.
  • The Bozeman Police Department monitors and inspects city sidewalks after each significant snowfall to ensure they are cleared and safe. A courtesy notice will be given if not cleared.
  • If you are a renter, check your lease—your landlord may have transferred shoveling responsibility to you.
  • If you see a neighbor that needs assistance removing snow, help them out!
Thank you for doing your part to keep our sidewalks safe for everyone.
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Learn about your street and parking responsibilities

We're on the prowl for snow—help us keep Bozeman safe by parking smart.

What you need to know:

  • Please park your car off-street if possible, especially when snow is predicted.
  • Cars left for more than 48-hours and not moved for plowing may be ticketed or even towed.
  •  Planning to be out of town for a long period of time? Please arrange to park your car off of city streets.
  • The yellow city snowplows will start plowing as early as 3:00 a.m. and will continue through the day as needed.
  • Priority snow routes will be cleared first then the plows will move to other areas.

Thank you for helping keep the streets cleared for the plows.
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S. Grand will be closed starting Monday, December 5 between Main and Babcock for utility installations to the Lark Hotel addition. This closure is expected to last the entire week.
The parking lot on the northeast corner of Willson and Mendenhall will be closed beginning Monday, September 21st as work begins on the 5 West Mendenhall Project.