SMART Radar Trailer and Message Board Trailer

The Bozeman Police Department currently owns and utilizes two trailers to assist with educating and enforcing traffic speeds and other traffics laws throughout Bozeman.

First, the Bozeman Police Department deploysthe Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART), a portable, self-contained speed display unit that measures and displays the speeds of approaching vehicles.   A speed limit sign attached to the unit reminds motorists to pay attention and obey the posted speed limit.

Photo of the SMART radar trailer displaying 15

SMART records the number and speeds of vehicles in a requested location, and the Bozeman Police Department can use that information to help determine which neighborhoods or streets require additional traffic enforcement.  As speed awareness increases, motorists tend to slow down, even after SMART has been moved to a different location.

Community members requesting SMART will receive data showing the total number of vehicles that have passed the unit, and the percentage of relative vehicle speeds.

Secondly, the Bozeman Police Department utilizes an All Traffic Solutions message board trailer that was acquired in 2015.   With this trailer, the department can remotely post specific messages targetting problem traffic areas and specific events.     

Photo of Message TrailerMessages highlighting changes to traffic patterns, messages regarding awareness of nearby events, and messages regarding common traffic violations in a given location have all been created.    This trailer allows the department to address issues beyond speeding issues that are commonly addressed with the radar trailer.     

The Bozeman Police Department is dedicated to slowing drivers down and providing educational reminders regarding specific problem areas.     Complete the below information to request that either trailer be placed on your street! 

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