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Animal Control

Animal-control-saves-an-entangled-birdThe Bozeman Police Department Animal Control Officer educates and enforces violations of animal regulations in Bozeman. Our approach to animal control is to utilize problem solving and education in handling animal complaints. Safety of the public and animal are always the first priority.  Most of the complaints we receive from the public or that are observed by our officers are dogs running at large with no leash, pets tied to a post on a public sidewalk while the owner runs into a store, and barking dogs.  

Leashes are required in the city limits for dogs and cats.  Although many feel their pets would never run off without a leash, animals can be very unpredictable around strangers or other animals if confronted.  Also, if your pet is not on a leash if confronted by another non-leashed pet, you may not have any way to protect your pet if they are attacked by the other pet.     

Pets cannot be leashed to a tree, bike rack, street sign or other item that is on public property.  We commonly see this practice along the sidewalks in the downtown area.  Again, animals can be unpredictable, to include being scared in your absence, and may react indifferently around a stranger who tries to pet them or simply walks too close to them.  The last thing you want is your pet being taken by a stranger.  Many businesses in our downtown area allow leashed pets into their business while you shop.

Additionally, dogs and cats must have a city license and be vaccinated for rabies.  Our animal control officer also review residences applying for a kennel license or who choose to raise hens. 

How to file a Complaint:

  • Call 582-2000. If an animal control officer is not available, the call will be forwarded for handling at a later time (non-emergency, on-going problems) or a police officer will respond to handle if it's an emergency. 
  • Please have a detailed description of the location or address, giving your name, address and phone number. This is necessary if the animal control officer or police officer has to issue a citation to the pet owner.
  • Providing the license plates of dog owners who leave the area after an offense can be helpful, including a good description of the owner. 

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