UDC Update

The draft development code and proposed zoning map are here!  Below are direct links for each of the four (4) code sections being considered and the associated zoning map for the Midtown area.  Rather than cobbling these four pieces into one large somewhat complicated ordinance we have separated each one for easier evaluation.
We look forward to hearing you comments, suggestions and criticisms.  The following are a few highlights for you to consider:

  • Changing N 7th entryway classification from Class 1 to Class 2
  • Block frontage concept (community framework map)
  • Increased building height
  • Reduced setbacks
  • More uses allowed by right
  • Integrated design standards in base code.  As an interim step the Design Objective Plan will apply until phase 2 can fully integrate all site, building design standards.
  • Cooper Park Historic District remains in place
  • Two new zoning districts
  • Extent of zoning map
  • Parking reduction in certain locations and instances

Zoning Documents:

  1. Proposed R-5 & B-2M (Midtown) development code

  2. Proposed Revisions to the Entryway Corridors

  3. Proposed Revisions addressing the Wetlands Review Board (WRB)

  4. Proposed Changes to Site Plan review process

  5. Proposed Midtown Zoning Map

  6. Proposed Entryway Corridor Map

 Additional Information:

About the Code Update

The Community Development Department is currently in the process of updating Bozeman's Development Code. The intent is that the Development Code clearly communicate the community's expectations for development as expressed in the Community Plan. The purposes of the 2015 Development Code Update are to:

  1. Implement the recommendations of the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan (2009) and its detailed neighborhood and special area plans by:
  • Encouraging the creation of vibrant mixed-use districts,
  • Achieving high-quality infill and redevelopment,
  • Integrating thoughtful greenfield development,
  1. Generate North 7th Corridor Plan (Midtown) implementation and design provisions.
  2. Include traditional neighborhood development zoning districts for the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD)
  3. Include additional provisions to promote and support sustainability including best management practices (BMPs) for storm water, water use, and lighting, and linking land use and transportation (auto, transit, biking and pedestrian).
  4. Support the Comprehensive Plan to promote and support a safe, diverse, healthy, and affordable housing stock.
  5. Comply with changes to State Law.
  6. Make the Development Code a more concise and useable document.
The Development Code Update is a comprehensive update that covers many topics, diverse geographic area, and complex development-related issues. Please note that the calendar and news will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect community interest as well as Planning Board, Zoning Commission and City Commission direction. All public meetings of proposed Development Code Amendments will be posted when available.

Please Contact Tom Rogers at 406-582-2260 for more information.

Project Manager

Tom Rogers, AICP
Community Development
City of Bozeman