Geographical Information System (GIS)

You are about to view interactive mapping programs that display an assortment of information. Please recognize this data is not the official record and some limitations and errors may exist. To access official information, contact the Gallatin County's Clerk and Recorder or the City of Bozeman's GIS Department.

Community Development

Community Development


Check the status of active planning projects.  Special districts such as planned unit developments and adopted master plan boundaries are included with hyperlinks to their respective text.   



Interactive Map Displaying City of Bozeman Capital Projects


Take a look at future infrastructure repair and replacement projects located throughout Bozeman.  Local assets such as roads, drinking water distribution systems, sanitary sewer lines, and stormwater features need constant attention. This map allows officials to use data to accurately prioritize and order projects for completion. 

Parks &Trails

Interactive Community Trails Map


Explore the City of Bozeman Parks and Recreation and Gallatin Valley Land Trust's 80+ miles of community trails on the NEW interactive trails web map. This map can be accessed from a desktop  computer, tablet, or phone. Do you need a little help navigating the map? We have help videos for both the desktop version as well as the mobile version. We are excited to see you on the trails!

Base Map

Interactive Map Displaying the City of Bozeman

Explore several base layers including parcels, trails, bike lanes, parks, and many more.  Please contact us with any questions or suggestions for improvement.  Thank you!

P.S.  You may want to try our "Community Development" or "Infrastructure" viewer if you are looking for additional data layers.



View the proposed floodplain designations mapped by FEMA for the Bozeman Creek and Tributaries Flood Insurance Study.  Select a floodplain designation to view additional information about it.  Visit our Floodplains page for even more information. (Click on the image to the left to enter the interactive map.)


Street Report

Interactive Map Displaying the City of Bozeman Road Projects

In a rush?  Click here to explore current road closure locations throughout Bozeman to ensure a safe and on time arrival to your destination.  Want more information? Click each individual project to learn more (project time-span, contact Information, etc.).  Check back daily for updates!


Crime Mapping

Interactive Map Displaying the City of Bozeman Crimes

Curious to see what the local Bozeman Police Department is up to?  Click here to interact with and explore an assortment of crimes which have occurred throughout Bozeman.  What crimes have taken place in your neighborhood? For daily updates check out the Bozeman Police Department's Facebook Page.    


Economic Development

Montana Site Selector Interactive Map

Interested in starting or moving a business to Southwest Montana?  Click here to explore properties for sale, market information, and much more!  For additional information please visit the City of Bozeman's Economic Development Page


Sunset Hills Cemetery

Interactive Map Displaying the City of Bozeman Cemetary

Take a tour of the Sunset Hills Cemetery and learn about Bozeman's past.  For more information please visit the City of Bozeman's Cemetery Page


To download raw data, please visit our Open Data Portal.