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Neighborhood News - April 10, 2017

Neighborhood News – April 10, 2017COB_8594_Neighborhoods-Icon_outline.jpg


News this week:

1)   TONIGHT – a presentation of Findings & Recommendations for the Northeast neighborhood – 6pm @ the Ellen Theater

· Over the weekend, a multi-disciplinary team of nationally recognized professionals associated with American Institute of Architects (called "the R/UDAT”—Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team) visited  Bozeman, volunteering their time to identify ways to encourage desirable change in our community, and preserve our unique sense of place, specifically in Bozeman’s Northeast Neighborhood.  On Friday night many Bozemanites participated in an open forum that offered public input and local perspective on the northeast neighborhood and greater Bozeman area. Tonight they present their findings and recommendations at 6pm at the Ellen Theater. Please visit for more information.

2)   Turn Water Into Wheels! 

· Turn Water Into Wheels!  Join Mayor Taylor this April in the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation to help Bozeman win “Most Water Wise” City.  If you’ve pledged and Bozeman wins, you’ll be entered to win hundreds of prizes from energy-friendly lightbulbs to a Toyota Prius.  Bozeman has been bouncing between 1st and 2nd place since the challenge began.  Let’s secure 1st place so that a Bozeman resident can win a Toyota Prius! Go to from April 1 through April 30 to make your pledge.

3)   Welcome to the City’s Interim City Manager, Dennis Taylor.



Development Review Committee (DRC) on Wednesday, April 12 – 10 AM 20 E Olive (2nd floor Conf Room)

·         Map of projects
·         Project status
·         Call the Community Development Department 582-2260 for more information on any of these projects or visit their office to view plans at 20 E Olive St. You can also make an appointment with the planner (in parentheses behind the project name) to discuss the project in more detail.

1)   Reviews

A.     16342 Safelite Autoglass CUP (Jadin)
200 South 23rd Avenue, Unit 20. A Conditional Use Permit request for Auto Repair in the B-2 zoning district.
B.     17102 Summerland Condos Site Plan (Boughan)
3350, 3351, 3352, 3353, 3354, 3355, 3356, 3357 Fen Way Site Plan application to allow the construction of four duplexes with related site improvements within an R-3 zoning district.
C.      17111 City Brew Coffee Site Plan (Owens)
906 N. 7th Ave. Site Plan application to allow construction of a 2,000-square foot City Brew Coffee shop with drive-through service, parking and related site improvements on 0.563 acres, as infill within the existing Universal Athletics shopping center development in the B2M zoning district.
D.     17040 Bozeman Commons E. Main Development Master Site Plan (Owens) Revisions
1107, 1113, 1117 East Main Street. A Master Site Plan with COA and Deviation Application (revised) to allow demolition of five (5) existing structures and addition of five (5) new office and mixed use structures and accessory uses across four (4) phases of construction, and the addition of circulation, parking for 222 spaces, and related site improvements. The 4.29-acre (186,855-square foot) site is zoned B-2 and located in the E. Main Entryway Corridor. The deviation requests a 20% reduced entryway corridor setback.
E.      17041 Bozeman Commons E. Main Development Phase 1 Site Plan (Owens) Revisions
1105 East Main Street. A Site Plan with COA Application (revised) to allow construction of a two-story 17,118-square foot office building with 59 on-site parking spaces and related site improvements as Phase 1 of the proposed East Main Master Site Plan (Application 17040). The site is zoned B-2 and located in the E. Main Entryway Corridor, with current access to E. Main Street provided by an easement to the west.

2)   Upcoming Reviews (Tentative hearing dates in black)

·        17050 Yellowstone Theological Institute Final Plat (Krueger) Ongoing
·        17133 BKCP Apartments INF (WerBell) April 26, DRB April 26
·        17122 Midtown Apartments INF (Rogers) April 19
·        17130 Spratt Office Building SP (Jadin) April 19
·        17131 Spratt Conditional Use Permit (Jadin) April 19
·        17137 Cannery District Phase 2 and Building K (Krueger) April 19
·        17151 South University District Phase 2 Site Plan (WerBell) April 26
·        17154 The Yellowstone Center Site Plan, COA, CUP (Krueger) April 26
·        17155 The Yellowstone Center Master Site Plan (Krueger) April 26
·        17150 The Lakes at Valley West Ph. 4 Preliminary PUD (Saunders) April 26
·        17149 The Lakes at Valley West Ph. 4 Preliminary Plat (Saunders) April 26
·        17095 Ridge PUD Expansion Preliminary PUD (Owens) Ongoing, DRB & CC TBD
·        17111 City Brew Coffee Site Plan (Owens) Ongoing
·        17040 Bozeman Commons E. Main Development Master Site Plan (Owens) Ongoing, DRB April 26
·        17041 Bozeman Commons E. Main Development Phase 1 Site Plan (Owens) Ongoing, DRB April 26
·        17166 Lot 14 North Montana Site Plan (Owens) May 3
·        17167 Lewis & Clark Lot 3 Office Building (Boughan) May 3
·        17169 Cattail 4-Plex Site Plan (Boughan) May 3
·        17170 HRDC Beall Street Minor Subdivision (WerBell) May 3
·        17172 Irving Elementary School Informal Application (Saunders) May 3

3)   Concept Plan Reviews

·         17153 Haggerty Lane Cottages Concept Review (Owens)
o   699 Farmhouse Lane. Residential development of a mix of single household and two household dwellings totaling sixteen dwelling units.
·         17138 Block 106 Lot A Concept Review (Krueger)
o   620 E. Cottonwood Street. 3 story mixed use building, commercial and residential.
·         17128 Midtown Tavern Patio Concept Review (Boughan)
o   726 North 7th Avenue. Outdoor patio with on premise consumption of alcohol.
·         17152 GPL4 Concept Review (WerBell)
o   Lot 3 and 4 Gallatin Park Drive. Three office buildings with associated parking and circulation.


Parks & Recreation Department Update:

·        Recreation Division

o   Easter Egg Hunt: Our annual Easter Egg Hunt will begin Saturday, April 15th at 1:00pm SHARP! For ages 1-12 at Lindley Park (East Main & Cypress St.)

·        Park Pavilion Reservations

o   To better manage the activities in the parks and the size of groups reserving pavilions, each pavilion has been assigned a maximum capacity for a reservation. These are the 7 pavilions that we reserve and their capacity: Bogert Park-200, Bozeman Pond-100, East Gallatin Recreation Area-50, Lindley Park-50, Beall Park-20, Kirk Park North-15, and Kirk Park South-15. If you have any questions or would like to reserve a pavilion, please call 582-2290 or stop by the Beall Park Recreation Center at 415 N. Bozeman Ave.

·        Doggie Events from our partner, Run Dog Run!

o   Picking up dog waste may not sound like a thrilling way to spend a Saturday, but Bozeman dog owners have shown up in droves to help us cleanup popular dog recreation areas like Peets Hill, Snowfill Park and the East Gallatin Recreation area. Not only do we remove a significant amount of dog waste, the publicity these events generate helps spread the word about this important issue.
o   Scoop the Poop Events: Saturday, April 8th – 9am-11am at Snowfill and Burke Park and Sunday, April 9th – 9am-11am at Lewis & Bark Park.
o   Doggie Meet-Up & Tricks Contest: Friday, May 5th – noon to 1:30pm

MSU Events in April

- 4/10 Poetry Live! 2017
- 4/12 World War I: Kaiser Bill and the Doughboys with Michael Herdina
- 4/13 Friends of MSU Library to host Distinctive Dialogues event
- 4/23 MSU Student Composer Concert
- 4/25 Brews & the Big Sky: Agriculture & Ales - Growing Big Sky Communities
- 4/27 MSU Gamelan Sekar Gunung Spring Concert
- 4/28 Harlem Globetrotters
- 4/29 Junior Archaeology Family Day at MOR
- 4/29 Multimedia Series: Capstones and Steppingstones I
- 4/30 Multimedia Concert: Capstones and Steppingstones II 
- 4/30 Bastille - Wild, Wild World Tour

Upcoming Events:

City of Bozeman Event Calendar:
City Commission Meeting
o   Monday, April 10 – 6 PM – City Hall, Commission Room (121 N Rouse)
o   Agenda

R/UDAT Presentation of Findings & Recommendations – (Northeast Neighborhood Association)
o   Monday, April 10 – 6pm – Ellen Theater

City Commission Special Meeting – Continued Hearing on the Black Olive Site Plan and Certificate of Appropriateness (South Central Neighborhood Association)
o   Tuesday, April 11 – 6 PM – City Hall, Commission Room (121 N Rouse)
o   Agenda
InterNeighborhood Council (INC) Monthly Meeting
o   Thursday, April 13 – 4:30 PM – Bozeman Library, Large Community Room (626 E Main)
o   Agenda
University Neighborhood Association Spring Meeting
o   Thursday, April 13 – 6:30 PM – Headwaters Academy (418 W Garfield)

Bozeman Creek Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting
o   Thursday, April 18 – 6:30 PM – Bozeman Library, Large Community Room (626 E Main)

Bozeman’s Annual Clean-up Day!
o   Saturday, April 22 – 8 AM – Bozeman Library (626 E Main)

Free E-Waste Recycling
o   Saturday, April 22 – 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM – Logan Landfill

Bozeman Ponds Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting
o   Tuesday, April 25 – 6:30 PM – Hyalite Elementary (3600 W Babcock)
Valley Unit Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting
o   Wednesday, April 26 – 6:30 PM – Hyalite Elementary (3600 W Babcock)
New Hyalite View Neighborhood Annual Meeting
o   Thursday, May 18 – 6:30 PM – Lindley Center (1102 E Curtis)