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Historic Preservation

Our pride in where we live rests in part on our understanding and appreciation of the past. This past lives in the surviving buildings, structures, landscapes, and archaeological sites that surround us. We envision a Bozeman in which every citizen knows about and appreciates our community's unique contribution to Montana's heritage, and takes joy in maintaining and protecting that heritage. Historic preservation is integrated into the City's regulatory program through Design Guidelines. The design guidelines apply within the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District and within national register historic districts. The Bozeman Historic Resource Survey describes the physical and architectural development of Bozeman and provides a context to help understand historic structures.

Preservation in Bozeman is advocated for by the Bozeman Historic Preservation Advisory Board and assisted by the Department of Planning and Community Development. Serving in an advisory capacity to the City of Bozeman, Montana, the Bozeman Historic Preservation Advisory Board (BHPAB) is a citizen commission that was established in 1985. Their purpose is to carry out the local preservation program, integrate historic preservation into local, State, and federal planning, and evaluate and protect cultural resources within Bozeman. All BHPAB members have a demonstrated interest, competence, or knowledge in historic preservation, and many members have professional experience in the fields of history, planning, architecture, or other preservation related fields. The BHPAB strives to preserve the rich historical legacy of Bozeman, working, essentially, to recycle time. Like many Bozeman citizens, the BHPAB recognizes the value of protecting our cultural heritage, and is committed to ensuring a dynamic historic legacy for present and future generations. The BHPAB engages the community through education and advocacy to cultivate awareness, appreciation and stewardship of our cultural resources.

Generally, the BHPAB works to:

  • Advocate preservation of the City's cultural resources, and;
  • Facilitate partnerships between Bozeman and the State Historic Preservation Office;
  • Advise the Historic Preservation Planner, the City Commission, the Planning Board, and the community at large.