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Cemetery - Sunset Hills Cemetery is a division of the Park, Recreation and Cemetery Department and is located on East Main Street directly south of Lindley Park. The cemetery office is located at 340 Golf Way. It is at this location where one can find and access burial records and plot locations. Staff is always willing to help you.
Parks The City of Bozeman, Park Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of all public parks, trails, open space and sports fields within the City limits. We also have developed, working with volunteer service clubs, the East Gallatin Recreation Area and the Bozeman Pond and maintain these.
Recreation - The Bozeman Recreation Department offers a wide variety of fun classes and youth specials that encourage participation, creativity, and positive sportsmanship. Classes will help your child gain self-confidence and meet new friends. Classes are available for youth age 2+. There is something for everyone and space is limited, so sign up early at the Beall Park Recreation Center
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