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Northeast Urban Renewal Board (NURB)

This Board has Four vacancies for non-voting members.

Public Meeting Schedule:

This board meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the Stiff Professional Building at 20 East Olive Street in the upstairs conference room.

Purpose / Creation:

This board was created with Ordinance No. 1655 adopting the North East Urban Renewal District Plan to implement the plan.  Board responsibilities include:

  • Developing plans which implement the vision of the district;
  • reviewing on an ongoing basis the operation and processes of all public agencies to assure that such activities are supportive of the plan;
  • advocate and coordinate the complete and full implementation of the plan.


The City Commission liaison for this board is I-Ho Pomeroy.  


2013 NURB Budget and Work Plan. 


Click here to see the district boundary descriptions for Bozeman's three urban renewal districts.


The board consists of five voting members and not more than four non-voting members who serve staggered four year terms.  The preferred composition of the voting members shall be:

  • Two business owners of businesses within the district;
  • Two residents from within the district;
  • One member at-large.

Current Members:

Erik Nelson (voting business owner in the District) - term expires July 31, 2017
Thomas Noble (voting member at large) - term expires July 31, 2016
Robert Pavlic (voting business owner in the District) - term expires July 31, 2019
Daniel Doehring (voting resident in the District) - term expires July 31, 2017
Jeanne Wesley-Wiese (voting resident in the District -term expires July 31, 2017

Vacancy (non-voting) - term expires July 31, 2016
Vacancy (non-voting) - term expires July 31, 2015
Vacancy (non-voting) - term expires July 31, 2015
Vacancy (non-voting) - term expires July 31, 2017