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Bicycle Advisory Board (BABAB)

Bicycle Advisory Board (BABAB)

This board has no new vacancies at this time.

See link below to apply for future vacancies.

Public Meeting Schedule:

BABAB meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the City Commission room at City Hall, 121 North Rouse.

Purpose / Creation:

Created by the City Commission in 1990 with Resolution No. 2817, BABAB's purpose is to recommend safe bicycle practices throughout Bozeman in regard to enhanced bicycle circulation and design, community-wide bicycle education and safety programs, and other matters relating to bicycling in the Bozeman area. In March, 2010 the City Commission authorized Resolution No. 4246, authorizing the bike board to raise funds for the purpose of supporting activities for bike to work week and bicycle safety awareness and education. Then in December, 2010, they adopted Ordinance No. 1795 to confirm the additional duties and responsibilities set out in Resolution No. 4246. In addition, the board identified the need for members to represent the interests of the Montana State University student body, the Bozeman High School student body and the residents of Gallatin County. Ordinance No. 1795 provides for these membership additions. All of the Ordinances have been codified in Division 14 of the Bozeman Municipal Code.


Click here for a link to agendas.
Click here for a link to minutes.

Click here for a link to the application.

 After clicking here to read the City of Bozeman link disclaimer, visit the Bike Board on Facebook and the
Bicycling Basics website. 

Staff and Commission Liaisons:

The City Commission liaison for this  board is Mayor Taylor.
The City staff liaison for this board is Street Superintendent John Van Delinder. John can be reached at 582-3206 or


The board shall consist of up to twelve members serving two year staggered terms with unlimited reappointments.  Persons must be of legal age with the majority of the members residents of the City. Non-resident members shall have some interest in the City. Members should also be knowledgeable of bicycling and/or traffic safety in the Bozeman area. One of the positions is for a representative of Montana State University and another position is set aside for a non-voting High School liaison who does not need to be of legal age, but must have written consent to participate from a guardian. One of the positions is also set aside for a County resident.

Current Members:

Steven Blair - term expired December 31, 2015 
Bill Cochran - term expires December 31, 2016
Tony LeBron - term expires December 31, 2017
Daniel Davis - (Gallatin County resident) term expires December 31, 2016
Jason Delmue - term expires December 31, 2016
 VACANCY - term expires December 31, 2015
Rebecca Gleason - term expires December 31, 2017
Samual Haraldson - term expires December 31, 2016
Juliana Olliff - (non voting High School liaison) - term expires December 31, 2017
Jen Petersen - term expires December 31, 2016
Zach Steffl - term expires December 31, 2017
Dillon Warn - term expires December 31, 2016 (Chair)